Effective immediately, there will no longer be any 25% referral fee for  Internet leads!!!

Yep, that’s right… FREE LEADS!  Not just your own listings as it has been…but EVERY SINGLE internet lead that comes into the company LeadRouter is now offered to agents participating in LeadRouter FREE OF CHARGE!

The same business rules apply, listing agent has first opportunity at their own lead, and if unavailable or ineligible, it routes to another agent, this opens up a lot of opportunity for every agent in the company to become trained in LeadRouter.  Why wouldn’t you want free leads!!!  

Below you will find a link to the new Lead Acceptance form.  If you haven’t filled one out before, you can fill out the CBHB Lead Acceptance Agreement Form and returned to agentservices@cbhonig-bell.com.  The form also outlines where to go for your required LeadRouter training.

If you are interested in receiving leads CBHB asks that you join our LeadRouter system.  One of the best features of Lead Router is that it will call and email you as soon as an inquiry or lead is submitted.  It is important to note that this system needs to be updated regularly via computer, Smartphone, or tablet.  These are just a few of many different features LeadRouter has to offer. 

For more information regarding LeadRouter, please contact the Internet Leads Department.  

Internet Leads Department
Direct: (815) 553-2406
Email: Leads@cbhonig-bell.com

CLICK HERE FOR THE REQUIRED CBHB LEAD ACCEPTANCE FORM THAT MUST BE RETURNED IN ORDER TO RECEIVE LEADS.            If you have already signed this form in the past, it is not necessary to sign again.

The directions to become trained and active in LeadRouter are as follows: 

  1. Login into CB Works (http://cbworks.coldwellbanker.com) 
  2. Click Coldwell Banker University Tab
  3. Click on “Coldwell Banker University Registration Site”
  4. Click Continue Button
  5. In the top right corner type “LeadRouter” into the search box.
  6. Find the link labeled “CB LeadRouter: Agent Training” and click it.
  7. This will launch a pop up with a “CB LeadRouter: Agent Training” label at the top left. 
  8. Click the “Launch” button on the bottom right of the pop up.

The self-paced online class should launch.  Take the class (should take approximately 15-30 minutes if taken without breaks). 

After completing the course, you will receive a confirmation email which you will forward to leads@cbhonig-bell.com, along with 8-12 coverage zip codes you would like to service. Once this process is complete, within the next 24 hours you will be set up in our system and will be eligible to receive leads!

If you need additional assistance navigating the CB University Site, you can contact the Help Desk at: 877-234-3972